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Price Quote Worksheet
for Your Project

For example: if your model project is a building or buildings on an acreage the variables that we would need to know to provide you an accurate quote are listed below:

  • View of a site plan showing the exact area to be modeled, roads, parking, water features, trees, contours, etc.
  • Level of detail you expect to see on your model. (__mass model, __study model, __detailed model, or __museum quality)
  • Model scale or size.
  • Elevation and roof plans.
  • Electrical __lighting, __sound, __animation.
  • What information will you provide? __construction drawings, __photos, __renderings, __electronic files, __other.
  • Duplicate models?

The below information is only a starting point in order to discuss your specific model needs. Please fill out our Worksheet with as much information as is pertinent to your model project and submit. If you have questions about the Worksheet feel free to call us. After reviewing your submitted information someone from Architectural Models will contact you.

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Project Name:
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Model Information

Model Scale:
Model Size:
Model Budget:
How much detail?
Permanent Display?
Displayed Other Places?
Display Stand?
Plexiglas Cover?
Model Lighting?

Items that will be available for model construction:

Construction Drawings?
Aerial Photo?
Full Color?
Topographical Elevations in Model Area:
Please note other important features (If the project is an architectural project:  roads, bridges, trees, interiors, vehicles, people, flags, light poles, water features, etc.).  Also, in a separate email, please include any renderings, elevations, plans, or photos of the project for accuracy in your project quote.
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(405) 360-2828    Toll Free 1 (800) 506-1280

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