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Saint Martin Caribbean Resort and Casino outddor display model
Saint Martin Caribbean Resort and Casino topographical model
Sint Maarten resort and Casino view with wooden base
Caribbean Resort & Casino
Saint Martin (French side) &
Sint Maarten (Dutch Side)
Saint Martin Resort miniature model with buildings

Model Scale: 1” = 83”          Model Size: 74” x 91” (6,734 sq. in.)
Model Use: This detailed model is being used as a sales tool for preconstruction sales of lots around the golf course, condos and time shares. It has a Plexiglas dust cover that covers the complete model.
Details: Half of this model depicted the French side and half depicted the Dutch side, a country borderline was depicted across the model. Shown on this model in ‘life-like’ detail was an 18 hole golf course with club house and grandstand. In the above picture, note the pencil used to help depict scale and amount of detail at this scale. Also shown but yet to be built; playground water slide, pools, cabanas, dinner theatre, stage, bowling alley, and a wave pool. Other elements include cars, people, many yachts, docks, sail boats, along with large hotel, swimming pool, outdoor refreshment areas, historical monument, cottages, timeshare units, apartments, guard house, island bridge, convention center, shopping center, marina, sidewalks, landscaping, waterways, etc. An existing hotel, casino, spa, and tennis center were also showcased.