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Grando Automated Parking Garage
Model; Computer Controlled Through Complete Parking Cycle

Model Scale: 1” = 3.6’ or 1 : 43.
Model Size: 60” x 60” (3,600 sq. in).
Model Use: This detailed model was used as a sales tool for preconstruction sales and displaying at trade shows.
Model Details: The model featured a tender that traveled on a rail which spiraled from bottom to top on the inside of the parking spaces. The entrances and exits had roll shutter doors. The automation consisted of a car being placed on the tender, the tender turning and spiraling up two levels, the car being placed in a parking slot, the tender returning to original position, pausing, returning
to the car, then with the car moving down to the exit position. This sequence took 1 minute and 30 seconds. We designed the computer that would control the above automation.
Digital Photography on Line: We provided digital pictures during model construction and kept our client updated as to model progress via e-mail.