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Oaktree Golf Course

and Country Club
PGA Golf Course, Edmond, Oklahoma
Model Scale: 1” = 112’
Model Size: 48” x 96”
Model Use: This PGA championship course was ready to open up more land to be developed for lot sales and they wanted a model for their sales office. Even though everything was existing (except for the new lots) the model was used to explain most of the visuals in the sales office and not on the property to save time when talking to prospective home buyers.
Model Details: Three separate golf courses with; tee boxes, sand traps, roughs, fairways, greens, green pins, golf carts, and people on
each of the 54 total holes.
Water Features; 13 different water areas within model - some with bridges.
Trees; Two square miles including over 5,000 trees are depicted on this model.
Houses; 500 houses of various styles were cast for the model's residential areas.