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Los Alamos National Laboratories
Nonproliferation and International Security Center
Los Alamos, New Mexico


Model Scale: 1” = 16’ or 1 : 192. Model Size: 44” x 48” (2,112 sq. in).
Model Use: This model was used in several preconstruction presentations, meetings, then set up for permanent display.
Architecture and Interior Design: HDR Architecture, Inc., Tucson, Arizona

Model Details:On our detailed models we do not use paper, cardboard, or balsa wood, but permanent stable materials. The base is 10 lb. polyurethane foam mounted on a plywood board. The contours are machined from a solid piece of foam, smoothed and sealed to represent the actual land surface, before the landscaping begins. Because of the large scale the landscaping on this project was quite extensive; Austrian Pine, Lady Banks Rose, Aspen, Hackberry, Spanish Lavender, Juniper, Apache Plume, Blue Aveno, Potmore Ash, Soap Weed Yucca, Snowberry, Western Sand Cherry, Spring Snow Crabapple, Hard Maple, Russian Hawthorn, Evergreen, and native grass mix.
Digital Photography for Online Model Review: We provided digital photographs during model construction and kept our client updated via e-mail.