Utica Place
Condominium &
Retail Center

Model Scale: 1” = 16’

Model Size: 24” x 45”

Model Use: This model was constructed using our “life-like” detailing and is used as a preconstruction sales tool. During the many months of construction the detailed model will be in the sales office and be used in different areas of the sales presentation. It will not only be used to point out the location of different condominiums, balconies, and terrace sizes, but it will be very instrumental in obtaining preconstruction leases on retail space on the lower levels. Then after many months of construction when the complex is finished, because of efficient preconstruction sales, there is no down time between finish and occupancy.

Detailing: This model was constructed using our “life-like” detailing using construction drawings on the large condominium building and medium detail on the villas (as they were not completely designed when the model was constructed). Four different levels can be seen in the parking garage. The main entrance to the condominium is adjacent to the divided drive-through. Many elements on this model are photographically etched from different thicknesses of brass for that exquisite detailing.

If you are concerned about the image your model projects, call Wiley White at Architectural Models and ask for the "life-like" detailing.