Starlite Drive-In-Theatre

Marketing and Advertising Tool

Architectural Models has now produced the Starlite Drive-In Theatre. A free standing animated scale model of a typical 1950’s drive-in theatre, featuring video, audio, and unique lighting, for entertainment and marketing purposes.

Drive-In Benefits & Features Include:

    Starlite Drive-In Movie Detailed Scale Model by Architectural Models
  • This detailed model with people interacting in several different situations comes to life and “tells” a very vivid and exciting story from our past.
  • Market your product using this collectable. What more perfect way to stop traffic at that special trade show? You could have your message running on the screen in the middle of your exhibit for that captive audience.
  • This masterpiece of fine craftsmanship and period design will turn heads every time at home or on the road.
  • This museum quality Drive-In presents itself so well from the intricate detailing to the many animation elements and color scheme of the 50’s that the Drive-In night comes to life.
  • It has that Vintage look, but underneath it is 100% modern.
  • Oak wood and sophisticated base trim carries this custom nostalgic Drive-In look of the past to where you can almost dream of being there (if you are of the newer generation) or it will bring back many memories of the past (if you are of an older generation).
  • ‘Piece of Art’ worthy of your coolest display area. The many exciting features of this museum art piece makes it the center of attention wherever it is displayed.
  • To scale details include but not limited to: kids playing in the playground, pets, hot rods, people standing in line, concession stand, ticket booth, marquee lighting, the look of neon lighting on the ticket booth and concession stand and real working window speaker (check it out, remove it from the stand, turn on the tinnie sound), cops looking for stowaways, people sneaking in, lights at the end of each parking row, projector light flickering, someone forgot to turn their lights off, Moon logos, flame paint jobs, rusty car look, outdoor eating area, speaker poles (some duel some single), changeable poster framings, etc.
  • This Drive-In design will fit easily in a limited floor space (23” x 32” foot print) and be very intriguing even in a much larger area. The overall height is 59 1/2” with Plexiglas cover. The oak wood frame is 38 1/2” x 28 1/2”.
  • Comes with a custom fit dust cover. This dust cover not only protects the top, but when in use it helps dim indoor lights enough to view the lights on the model during regular daytime lighting “action”. The cover is easily removed during low light situations. The lower the outside lights are the brighter the tiny lights and “neon” come to life.
  • From the experienced model shop of Architectural Models comes this classic reproduction of an era icon destined to make a place for itself in your home, business or museum of any art maven.
  • Quality product made in USA

Drive-In Electrical Specifications & Operations Include:

  • “Player” switches turn on
    Video screen, DVD player and
    Projector Booth flickering light
  • “Lights” different switches turns on:
    3 faux neon lights around front and sides of base
    Snack Bar neon around building at roof edge
    Ticket Booth neon around building at roof edge
    End lighting at the end of each parking row
    Car headlights & taillights at the entrance
    Entrance Sign static light & flashing arrow light
    Movie Poster light
    Police car “bubble-gum” flashing light
  • Front Side Control Panel Lighting operated by hidden switch under wood base
  • “Then - Now Speaker” switches between stereo speakers and old drive-in speaker
  • DVD operated by Face controls and remote controller DVD Multi-format plays - DVD, DVD+R/RW, CD, CD-R/W, MP3 CD, VCD SVCD, JPEG and more. On-screen Player for JPEG Images and MP3 files. Includes multifunction Remote Control. (NTSC 1).
  • Power input - 110 v
  • To learn more about how this
    unique visual might be obtained to enhance your business or collection
    contact Wiley White, 405 360-2828.