Galleria Condominiums

Show Room Sales Model

Model Size: Base 30" x 48" with the skyscraper building being 45" high.

Model Scale: 1" = 5.33' or 1:64

Model Use: This highrise model sets in the middle of the Condominium Sales Office. This sales tool gives a prospective buyer an idea of where the condo they are interested in is located in the building and what outside amenities are offered. This type of detailed marketing tool can be used in brochures, websites, TV, etc. to illustrate what the finished building will look like before construction starts.

Model Details: This high rise scale model has 22 stories with a penthouse on the upper floor. There are stainless steel etched balconies on every side of the building. Metal railing with glass panels were placed on every balcony. The landscaping on the model was from landscape plans. Note, the trellis pictured above, with growing plants on the outer walls. Other model details shown are; a spa with the different levels and a waterfall, patio furniture, fire box with a fiber optic light, wading pool, swimming pool, curtain waterfall, puppy park, Zen garden, open walkway connecting building with people and stunning artwork, customized delivery van, porte cochere with lighted entry way lanterns (pictured above), cars, people, etc. On all four sides of the base is a backlit logo.

If you are concerned about the image of your model projects, call Architectural Models and ask for the "life-like" detailing.