Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Building

Model Scale: 1/4” = 1’

Model Size: 36” x 36” x 26” high (which includes four levels, not counting the model stand)

Model Use: This scale model will be used mainly as a teaching tool. New employees will use this tool to familiarize themselves about different aspects of the reactor building before being exposed to radiation dosage. Also management can plan construction changes outside of the reactor building . Dosage is forever on the minds of all who enter the nuclear power station and so much can be planned when viewing this engineering detailed model. The model lifts apart and each level is contained in its own wooden frame. Each level can be viewed separately or placed together without the top to see the relationship between each level. All levels and top cover can be nested together on a rollaround base for storage.

Detailing: The torus cover lifts off to view the major working parts. The two T-Quenchers in the northwest quarter can be seen as well as the ring girder gussets, vent header and downcomers. The recirculation pump is modeled in three separate pieces. The pump will be removed through the equipment hatch in these three pieces one at time. Some of the other elements shown are: access hatches, platforms, drain locations, stairwell entrances, fan coil units, hydraulic drive pumps, drywell sump, personnel access lock, ladders to different levels, hydraulic control units, MCC racks, pipe chases, snatch block, recirculation pump, steam pipes, elevator, hoist rails, heat exchangers, instrument racks, etc.