Microsoft High School of the Future Model by Architecture Models

Microsoft High School of the Future
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Model size: 42” x 55”

Model Scale: 1” = 20’ or 1 : 240

Model Use: Architectural Models, the model maker, was asked to turn the architectural designer’s design of this high school of the future into a detailed model that could be used for presentations, meetings, public relations, and etc. The model not only shows the futurist designs but also illustrates parking, entrances, amphitheater, sidewalks, adjacent buildings, and traffic lane around the new high school.

Model Details: The brass etched elevations highlight the intricate design on flat and curved surfaces. On the different levels of the roof there are skylights and one roof is a “green” roof. Sun shades etched from brass were on two sides of the building. The futurist base was constructed from Solid Surfacing material. The landscape was custom constructed and placed according to landscape plans.

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