Electrical Substation

Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation

Model Scale: 1” = 4’ or 1:48

Architetural Models - Electrical Substation Detailed Model Outer View

Model Size: 74” x 46” (3,404 sq. in.)

Model Use: The model was a gift.

Model Detail: Most items on this model were custom built just to this model’s unique items and scale. Even at quarter inch scale the cement anchor platforms had bolts with threads. There were so many different insulators and each was turned on a lathe then molds were made and the correct number were cast. Many pieces were drawn to scale then etched from the correct thickness of brass and painted for that extra detail. The security fence was also etched from brass, look close and you will see three strands of barbed wire on the top of the fence, not an easy task. Decals were made to represent the actual signage on the fence, gate, truck, etc. A five sided Plexiglas cover was placed over the model to protect it from dust.