Dragon Bridge
Office Display

Model Scale: 

1"  =  50'  or

1 : 600


Model Size: 

47" x  6"


Dragon Bridge Information: The dragon Bridge across the Han river in Da Nang, Vietnam, opened March 29, 2013.  The dragon itself is modeled after one of the symbols of the Ly Dynasty. A breathtaking blend of artistry and functionality and an award winning, U.S. designed, marvel of engineering has become a favorite of residents and visitors alike. The 666-meter long structure links the region’s growing economic and cultural center to the developing eastern sectors. It features a distinctive structural system modeled after a dragon flying across the river. The bridge’s center three spans employ a unique design in which steel box girders are supported by a central rib steel and concrete arch. The arch is composed of five steel tubes supporting the superstructure which also provide the base for the dragon’s scales. The Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism anticipates that the bridge will attract around 3 million tourists to the city in 2014.

If you are concerned about the image your model projects, and you want accurate detailing call Wiley White at Architectural Models and ask for the “life-like” detailing.