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Hopi Health Care Center
Polacca, Arizona

Model Size:  60" x 60"     Model Scale:  1" = 25'
Model Use:  The site chosen for this health care facility would be very visible from the mesa where many generations of the Hopi have lived.  They wanted a design that would not change the landscape as seen from the mesa and a building that was inviting to their people.  So the steering committee could be sure of the new design, Architectural Models detailed the architects design in our "life-like" look.
Model Details:  The etched elevations highlight the intricate design on all surfaces.  On the different levels of the roof there were several different skylights.  This model had more than 250 cars, 20 light poles, 50 people, signage; handicap, direction and entrance. Also included on the model are service trucks, tanks, etc., water tower, helio pad, along with landscaping to match the landscaping plans which included rocks, trees, healing herbs and plants.

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