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Happy Hill Farm Academy/Home
Granbury, Texas

Model Size: 46” x 71”   Model Scale: 1” = 68’ or 1:816

Model Use: The Academy/Home raises money solely from private donations and with a major campus expansion in the planning stages, the model will show exactly where and how the new structures will integrate into the existing campus. The board members also can more easily see the expansion planning and approve construction phases faster.

Model Details: Since the Happy Hill Farm Academy/Home Campus was in existence, an aerial photo was used to help position trees, roads, buildings, fences, ponds, etc. Using construction plans from the different phases, brass was etched for many of the fine elements such as fences, windmills, goal posts, horses, cows, flags, etc. The repeated living units were cast and individual trees were hand made. Included on the model are a healthcare center, two chapels, living units, staff housing, barns, livestock pens, stables and riding trails, athletic fields, swimming pools, tennis courts, administrative center, visitor's center, bed and breakfast, school (grades 1 through 12), fine arts center, pavillion for gatherings, shop and guard house.