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Federal Campus Site Model
Murrah Building Replacement, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Model Scale: 1” = 42’ or 1 : 500       Model Size: 27” x 70” (1,890 sq. in).
Model Use: This model was used in several preconstruction presentations and meetings around the country by General Services Administration, then set up for permanent display.
Architect: Ross Barney+Jankowski Architects, Inc.
Urban Planning Consultants: Sasaki & Associates, Inc.
Model Details: This schematic design model had 5 different inserts or plug-in models to show different designs and how they related to the surrounding streets and buildings.
Digital Photography for On Line Model Review: Architectural Models took digital photographs during model construction and kept our client updated as to model progress via e-mail. This was a very important aspect on this model job as there were several phases and each had its own deadline. Design was being done in Chicago, landscaping concept from Boston and the model was being constructed in Oklahoma. It was critical to the architect and project that the model reflected the latest design to date.