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Architectural Model's Fallingwater Museum Quality Model

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"Fallingwater was one of those works by Frank Lloyd Wright that transformed the world's opinion of his art. From seeming a figure of earlier decades he leapt into view as a bold innovator."

Edgar Kaufmann Jr., Fallingwater, 1986

Fallingwater Model Scale: 1"= 7.25' or 1 : 87

Fallingwater Model Size: 25"(D) x 37"(W) x 58"(H)

Fallingwater Price & Order Information: Official Fallingwater Model

Fallingwater Model Details: When Architectural Models set out to build an example of a quality model we researched museums and as many locations as possible. We were determined to find the finest models being built. We found many good models but very few great models.

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Many have stated that Fallingwater is probably the most recognizable residential building in the world. Many architectural schools study this home in great depth. There are many books, articles, films and photos of this house but none gives you the perspective and "life-like" look that you see as you walk around and view our detailed model.

Architectural Models has shown models, including our Fallingwater, for years at many locations including several AIA conventions in order to exhibit our craftsmanship. Many architects have made very positive comments concerning our Fallingwater model such as ". . . you can see more of the outside and how the design really fits into the location. . . I've been there but this view from the top is only available from viewing the model. . . " After you

National Historic Landmark
look through the model photos taken in our studio/shop you'll see the obsession with detail and accuracy that we strive to produce at Architectural Models. Architectural Models has had several inquires about our Fallingwater model. ". . .are you going to make more of these exquisite models. . .?" "This is the most detailed model I've ever seen. . ." "Have you thought about making more of this model available for sale. . .?" "Is this prototype for sale. . .?"

Through a joint effort with Fallingwater and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy we have constructed a Limited Edition of 6 that will be sold on a first come basis through the Fallingwater Museum Gift Shop. If you would be interested in a numbered model from this edition click here to link to Fallingwater's Museum Store website.

This hand crafted model captures the true essence of the real Fallingwater. The rock, cut stone and architectural landscaping on the limited edition home has that look of organic architecture that Frank Lloyd Wright admired so much. The landscaping displays the exquisite setting of the house through the rhododendrons, tall trees, natural rock ledges, and realistic water features. Some other custom designed features captured on this model are the hanging steps that descend from the living room to the stream, the hanging stairs from the living room terrace to the second floor terrace, the stairs from the living room terrace down behind a stone wall to the plunge pool, the steps down from the third floor study to the second floor dressing room terrace, the enclosed bridge that leads across the drive to the open walk covered by a stepped canopy from the main house to the guest house, built in flower beds and gardens, six unique terraces, and two trellises, one with a skylight over part of the living room.

There are six scaled statues throughout the site. They are "Mother and Child" on the wall of the plunge pool, "Rose McClendon" at the wall of the stepped canopy, "Buddha" on the lower west terrace, "Bear Run I" at the bridge entrance over Bear Run, an unnamed stone sculpture by the artist Magana and the bronze pot on the wall to the guest house. The entrance road with the extraordinary bridge over Bear Run leads up to the house entrance and cliff where Frank Lloyd Wright stands beside one of the cars he owned, a Gullwing Mercedes that he had repainted "Cherokee Red."

Installed inside the finely crafted wood base is an unique sound system that resonates the sound of the waterfalls throughout the model creating an atmosphere which allows the viewer the feeling of being there. The sound system is activated by a motion sensor and has system, sensor and volume controls concealed on the outside of the base.


The Artists: Wiley White, a well known commercial artist since the late 60's, is also recognized as a fine artist. In the mid 80's he started his architectural model studio catering to clients in national and international markets. During this time he developed a "life-like" process that seemingly brings the model to life. The "life-like" detailing has been retained on this Limited Edition. His models have been featured in many magazines, news articles and televised nationally.

Fallingwater unique detailing and crafstmanship
Robert Price has extensive experience making fine jewelry, casting, and mold making. His experience in dealing with detail makes him exceptional for this project. Robert W. Post's life long interest in architecture coupled with his architectural schooling background enhance his ability to organize the elements that truly count. Along with Wiley White, they have come together to create this exquisite handcrafted work of art. This is an edition of six with two artist proofs. Upon completion no more will be produced and all molds, patterns, and jigs, will be destroyed.

Model Base Options: The beautifully finished base is designed to complement the "Official Fallingwater Model". The name "Fallingwater" will be placed on the front side in Mr. Wright's famous Cherokee Red. You have choices of cherry or walnut wood both with a clear coat hand rubbed finish. The museum styled base is 25" x 37" and extends 32" above the floor. On the base will be a Plexiglas protective top with a cloth cover making the overall model height 58". Each wood base has heavy duty casters with locking devices.

Fallingwater display case no Plexiglas
Walnut detailed stand

Walnut Wood

Cherry detailed stand

Cherry Wood

plaque of authenticity

Signed & Numbered Model Plaque

Certificate of Authenticity: "The Official Fallingwater Model" Certificate of Authenticity will be signed by Lynda S. Waggoner, the Director of Fallingwater, and by the artists. The Certificate will have the Edition number and scale, 1" = 7.25'.

Quality: The craftsmanship and impeccable model construction make this limited edition an investment that will last for generations.

To Reserve a Numbered Edition: Go to The Official Fallingwater Model which is the museum gift shop at Fallingwater.

To Get More Information about the Model: Contact Wiley White directly.
Click here to email Wiley directly about Falilngwater models.
Or call: (405) 360-2828.