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Army Research Laboratory
(Building Model)
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
Model Size: 44" x 76"
Model Scale:
1" = 20'
Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District
Model Details: The Materials Directorate model presents the design for the main
lab building on the research complex. Transparent skylight glazing along the gallery reveals interior details .
     The Army Research Laboratory Building model was of a scale to show only the main lab building of the complex. Also, two suspended walkways are transparent. The roof displayed the most design features. The landscape plans were followed very closely to model each tree and accurate placement.
Vehicles; 50+ vehicles.
Water Features; Resin poured water feature with rip rap indicated.
People; 150+ metal etched people.
Metal; Metal etched building surfaces, doors and window mullions. Metal louvers over office windows.
Special Features; Monolithic contoured polyurethane base cut at one foot intervals then smoothed.
Laser cut columns (150 positioned behind louvers).
Air intake tubes, fuel tanks, autoclave, loading docks, 150+ rooftop exhaust units with walkways, hollow yellow air intake tubes.
All interior elements in gallery area are modeled.