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About Us
Master Architectural Builder Wiley White

      " At Architectural Models we construct museum quality models for clients such as Joliet Museum, Indiana State Police and PACCAR using leading edge technology, techniques and materials. We firmly believe the more detailed a model, the better it communicates.  Our model company has grown by projecting quality images and solving clients' needs with models that work for them."

                             Wiley White, Owner

A Professional Model Shop
      Many architectural firms have produced models in-house. Because of technological advances in the model building industry and the demand for more sophisticated models, most firms are contracting their detailed models to professional model builders like Architectural Models. Since building detailed models is our only business, we’re continually working with new techniques and materials to better achieve additional detail.

       The in-house model shops have mainly concentrated their efforts on producing different types of design and study models, whereas our expertise is museum quality,"life-like" presentation models.
      Several of our clients, such as Federal and Military classified projects, have requested strict confidentiality when constructing their model and we have provided that.

Detailed Architecutral Design and Construction
Detailed Models as Communications Tools
     These 3-D illustrations are built to scale from construction documents and exact specifications. In our model construction we have drawn from our experience in fine art, architecture and commercial art to produce extraordinary detail and unprecedented precision.

Pricing A Model
     The uniqueness of model building is kind of like painting pictures, some are very detailed (like Fallingwater) and time consuming and others are on the abstract side (such as Paramount Terrace Christian Church) showing shapes and very little color. We know it’s really hard for clients to know if the model bids they are receiving are really "apples and apples" or “detailed and not so detailed”.
Detailed model of 1900s Automobile So when Architectural Models bids on a model project we look at all aspects of the project and then outline exactly what we will do for the amount of monies asked. Under the "Price Quote" heading we cover in more detail the helpful information needed when bidding a model job.
      Architectural Models delivers unsurpassed detailing for your model dollar. We believe “dollar for dollar” you will receive a more spectacular model from Architectural Models than you ever imagined. Here’s what other clients have said.

Do you need a price on your upcoming model project?
       We'll be happy to discuss your project and put together a model proposal that is tailor-made for you. Please go to Price Quote and give us specific information about your project.
(405) 360-2828   Toll Free 1(800) 506-1280

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